Eijiphoto MilkYoga

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Eijiphoto MilkYoga Recipe:

  • 1  Beach
  • 1 Bath
  • 2 Beauties
  • 800 cups of milk

We found Eijiphotos account and just knew we had to do a feature. Hands down Eijiphoto's insta has some of the coolest images out there, with some mind bending (and body bending) effects. The problem was we couldn't decide which style to feature. So fuck it... we did two in the same feature.  A stunning milk bath set with Briahnna Noel and a collection of classic beach yoga shots featuring Brittney Ryb.

After seeing these photos you pretty much have to go follow these accounts!

Photographer: Eijiphoto

Milk Bath Model: Briahnna Noel

Yoga Model: Brittney Ryb